Build your own box. You don't have to use societies!

Build your own box. You don't have to use societies!

You know one thing that made the octopi my favorite creature when I was younger? All the tentacles! It fascinated me that there was so many different things that could do and hold with them. They could all focus on one thing or grab onto different things. 

Throughout life I have been taught by society that you have to focus on one thing. You have to master one thing or you can't be good at it. You have to fit into this nice box. If you had too many interest that didn't align with each other than you just didn't know yourself.

Over the last few years I have been really focusing on what makes me, me and what makes me tick. What do I enjoy doing. It was all over the board but what it came down to is that I enjoy being creative and creating things. That is the basis of me. I love taking something that doesn't look like much and creating something new! 

Whether it is fabric and sewing it into a headband or clothing, to wood and creating a desk, all the way over to being in the garden and watching the seedlings turn into a beautiful plant (or not so pretty) and have amazing fruit. I love being able to say "I made that". It is actually a running joke in my family. I use to (hell I still do) say with a smirk on my face that I made something. No matter if it has the tags on it or in a container from a store. I would take credit for making the meal we were eating. They would always give me the weirdest look, like what?! I have actually had a few people going pretty good and then I would tell them the truth and even show them the tag that is in their hands. 

It feels pretty good to be able to say that I made, or grew, something and for it to be truth. 

What is the point of all of this? To say that it is okay to not fit into a perfect little box. Make that box fit you. Take that box and add some arms and legs. Add a hat if it makes you happy. You only get one life and it is not worth it to try to fit into other peoples molds. People will see your excitement and passion when you show your true self. You might have to get rid of things that have attached themselves to your box but you are the artist of your life. Cross out that part and build what you want!! 


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