How are the headbands sized?
Size Head Circumference
Adult     22-24"
Small Adult 20-22"
Toddler 18-20"
Infant 16-19"
Newborn 13-14"

** IF you need one sized SMALLER, that I can do. Please leave a note in the checkout area for what headband you want sized down and what you want it sized to. **

How do you wear them?


The answer is however YOU want to wear them. That is the best part about these, there is no wrong way to wear them as long as you have it right side out, but even at that no judgement.

Some customers choose to wear it with the knot at the top, or to the side, while others choose to have it in the back.

You can wear it over or under your hair. I actually wrap my hair around it twisted for a fun look and when I take it out my hair is curly. Play around with it and choose your favorite way.

What is this store's return & exchange policy?
 Unfortunately due to the small nature of our company, we do not accept returns or exchanges. Please make sure that you read the descriptions before you make your purchase. 
What is something is wrong with my order?
If there is an issue with your order, please contact me directly at info@morph125.com include your name and invoice number so we can fix it for you.