A new beginning.....

A new beginning.....

Something that my husband and I have always wanted to do is to live simply and to be less dependent on others. We have had a garden for quite a few years now. One thing when we bought our house was that we could have a good size garden to grow into. This next year that is going to be one of our focuses. We want to be able to grow quite a bit of what we eat. Eventually we would love to be living more off of our land than anything else. No, this is not for everyone but I cant tell you how stoked we are! I am going to be bringing you along for the journey. You will see our plans, how we are going to execute them, what we learn from it and so much more. We will not sugar coat it or tell you that it is the easiest thing in the world. We know it isn't going to be. 


Step one of the journey is to map it out. We do want this to last a while and not have to keep redoing it. 


A few other things that will be coming to the shop through this is the LAND AHOY line. This line will highlight the living off the land style. Homestead, farm life, whatever you want to call it. Obviously with the Morph flare. No one fits into this small little box including us. Personally I love fabric napkins but hate that I can never fit the "dark" style that I am into. This goes for most home decor. Fun fact most of what I buy is around Halloween time but I leave it up all  year just cause that is my style. No shame. 

We have been slowly releasing some of these items including: Garden signs, plants, and a few other items but my goal is for you to be able to find them easily if that is the section that you are after.

Key words: Land Ahoy!! 


Get out there and connect with nature in anyway that you can!


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